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Sam Hammer Jersey California

Video: Sam Hammer and Trevor Gordon Twin Fin Love

September 13, 2014 0 76

      Sam Hammer and Trevor Gordon show their new love of this freshly shaped twin fin Piggybacks shaped by Ryan Lovelace  

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Nike Snowboarding Movie 2014

Movie Trailer: Emergence – A Seven Part Bio Series by Nike Snowboarding

September 12, 2014 0 39

Emergence Stories from Riders: Sage Kotsenburg Austin Smith Danny Kass Halldór Helgason Nicolas Müller Ayumu Hirano Gigi Rüf

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Dusty Payne Panama

Video: Dusty Payne and Yadin Nicol in Panama

September 12, 2014 0 62

Dusty Payne & Yadin Nicol Dusty Payne and Yadin Nicol dropping into bombs in panama.  

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Indo Barrel Going Left

Video: Going Left an Indo Dream

September 12, 2014 0 69

Going Left Test by, Iddin Shah   INDO Barreling lefts enough said  

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Jalama 23- 9-9-14

Photo: Jalama Beach, California 9-9-14 by Doug Acker

September 12, 2014 0 147

Jalama Beach, Santa Barbara Jalama 1 - 9-9-14 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 3 Santa Barbara County’s favorite summer time spot Jalama Beach location of the world famous Jalama Burger

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Tahiti order pizza in the barrel

Video: Maybe the best commercial ever!

September 8, 2014 0 172

Order a Pizza for inside the barrel Surfer: KOLOHE ANDINO Visa went all out for this commercial. If you ever find yourself hungry while in a massive barrel at Choops there is an app for

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Video: Nate Behl in Two More Hours

September 7, 2014 0 65

Nate Behl   Nate shows us another cut from his epic trip to Indo with this 2 minute and 36 seconds edit from a 2 hour barrel fest.  

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Trave Rice Powder Blast in Chili

Video: Travis Rice gets powder blasted deep in the mountains of Chili

September 7, 2014 0 90

Travis Rice   Travis makes first tracks deep in the goods in the Andes Mountain. He shows us how to properly use a GoPro Hero 3.    

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Austalia Ours Cape Fear Surf Contest

Video: How not to surf Australia’s “Ours” Red Bull Cape Fear

September 6, 2014 0 158

Red Bull Cape Fear Contest Wipeout Reel   Take note of the last clip of how not to enter the water at “Our”.  Ouch!!!

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Kelly Slater Laird Hamilton And Locals

Video: Malibu Locals Along with Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton Shred 1st Point

September 5, 2014 0 90

LA residents, Shane Borland, Matt Pagan, Dillon Perillo to legends such as Allen Sarlo, Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater   Malibu Marie from ONE 4 LA on Vimeo. While Newport was bringing the bombs,

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